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Prepare for your day in court

Don't let the trauma of the criminal justice system destroy you. Let the Law Office of Frank B. Suhr help you survive and thrive.

Court hearing

Your information is key when dealing with the criminal justice system

Let us keep you informed with all elements of any charges against you, along with the possible penalties involved. You'll get aggressive representation from us, because we take a strong, personal interest in your defense. Not only that, but we are here to answer your questions and return your phone calls.

  • Protect your rights
  • Be treated fairly
  • Know your defense
  • Get the best results

Put legal experience and determination to work for you

The Law Office of Frank B. Suhr represents individuals in felony and misdemeanor cases that include, but are not limited to, these offenses:

  • Aggravated Assault - against an individual, public servant, or with a deadly weapon
  • Arson
  • Bail Jumping
  • Boating While Intoxicated
  • Burglary
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Delivery of a Controlled Substance
  • Driving Without a License
  • Harassment
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Murder
  • Possession
  • Prohibited Weapons
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Terroristic Threat
  • Violation of Protective Order


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